Executive Close Protection 

GI TACTICAL provides Executive Protection services to help ensure the safety of executives when they are travelling to unfamiliar destinations, working on projects, or attending events where they may attract attention. GI TACTICAL ’s executive protection team plans, organizes, and executes comprehensive protection plans for individuals and corporate executives for any delegation or event.


GI TACTICAL ’s Executive Protection service gives organisations peace of mind regarding their employees' safety, and demonstrates employers' strong corporate responsibility and commitment to their people.


Our approach to providing executive protection services is quite unique; we believe that Executive Protection should be more than just accompanying a client but to professionally guarantee that all aspects of the client's protection and security needs are taken care of. Executive Protection operatives are trained and skilled to facilitate, plan and manage all travel activities in advance to the client’s arrival.


We understand that a seamless and comfortable environment is of paramount importance for maximizing business productivity. And, being discreet and inconspicuous is imperative for minimizing distractions and unwanted attention.

Commercial & Residential Guarding

GI TACTICAL provides an elite and unique guarding service for any event or environment. Our guards are trained by instructors who have years of experience in infiltration and counter-surveillance of protected environments. We constantly ensure that our security guards are professional and disciplined at all times. Our guards are trained to be pro-active and equipped with the knowledge and training to act as soon as the threat is imminent.


GI TACTICAL ‘s guards are familiar with the ever changing technology and counter surveillance methods. Our mobile tactical response teams are constantly patrolling the area and ready to act and disable any sort of threat to the Client or his/her property. Our uniformed security officers are licensed professionals. We provide security services for residential and commercial locations but not limited to.


Survey: GI TACTICAL has done an in depth Study of Residential and Corporate related crimes taking place within Security Complexes and Office Parks. During surveys conducted on more than 50 Security sites in South Africa our personnel were able to drive or walk past security guards without being stopped when entering or leaving numerous facilities and, whilst not being authorised to be in that specific area. Crime including housebreakings and armed robberies occur within certain Security enclosed areas due to one of the following reasons:


➢ Most Security guards become complacent and are not equipped with the proper knowledge and skills to secure an area.


➢ Proper background checks are not done on security personnel and it has become a common practice where security guards provide Intel to the criminals.


➢ The most common reason is that a number of security companies providing guarding services do not have a hands on approach, whereby the guards should be constantly monitored and kept on the required standards to provide a professional and effective service.


Dreams of flying can be empowering and the most exhilarating feeling you have ever  experienced.  Flying dreams are one of a rare breed of dreams that most often have good meanings. You don't need to only fly in your dreams, let us make that dream of flying a reality, it will change your outlook on life forever, you have never lived until you have literally lived out a dream.  Come jump out of a plane from 11,000 ft (3km) and reach speeds of around 250km per hour either while attached to a Tandem Master or come learn how to become a Sport Skydiver.  Once you have taken flight you will never see life the same again, "don't live a life less than the one you are capable of."  Our Skydive Centres are based within 45 minutes of Johannesburg International Airport (ORTIA).  We have secure shuttle services to fetch and return you safely. 
Tandem skydive - Want to experience the thrill of skydiving for the first time. For only 3,200 ZAR book our tandem skydive package whereby you will be attached to our highly experienced Tandem Master, falling out of the sky around 250km per hour over the amazing Vaal Dam. The skydive package includes full video footage of the entire skydive captured by our amazing camera team, and the most amazing view in the country while free falling to the earth for approximately 60 secs and a 5 minute ride under parachute.
Sport Skydiving - want to become a qualified skydiver,  join our Accelerated Free Fall program or Static Line program  whereby you will attend a day of ground school after which you will skydive with highly experienced instructors until you graduate as a Skydiver.
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