Executive Close Protection

GI TACTICAL has extensive experience working with Heads of State, Governmental organizations, Celebrities, Athletes, Private individuals and global influential organizations. The company is run by veterans of the Military / Police spec operational units, Intelligence Services and Presidential VIP Protection Unit. All activities are based on the company's proven methodology that ensures clockwork precision and principles that drive its unique level of personalized, attentive service.

High-Risk Operations

GI TACTICAL plans, organizes and executes comprehensive protection plans for private individuals and corporate executives visiting South Africa and other countries, for any event. GI TACTICAL offers comprehensive Air travel and elite security solutions tailored specifically to each client's needs covering the range of Secure Air and Land Transportation, Executive Protection, Security Consulting, Security Guarding, and Secure Destination Travel.


Tandem skydive - Want to experience the thrill of skydiving for the first time. For only 3,200 ZAR book our tandem skydive package whereby you will be attached to our highly experienced Tandem Master, falling out of the sky around 250km per hour.  The skydive package includes full video footage of the entire skydive captured by our amazing camera team, and the most amazing view in the country while free falling to the earth for approximately 60 secs and a 5 minute ride under parachute.

Secure Transfers

Secure Drive offers tailor-made secure transportation services with skilled  drivers for individuals and groups visiting South Africa and across the African Continent. 

Our security drivers undergo vigorous pre-employment security checks.  Feel comfortable while visiting uncomfortable environments knowing that our staff  are trained in multiple skillsets, which includes advanced and defensive driving, weapon skills, hijack prevention, counter surveillance and first aid.

Our operational teams are supported by our  24 hour Operations Centre with live Intelligence reporting on country specific threats and pro-active planning. Through our Operations centre, we are able to provide our clients with valuable intel in order for them to make informed business decisions.

Commercial & Residential Guarding

GI TACTICAL provides an elite and unique guarding service for any event or environment. Our guards are trained by instructors who have years of experience in infiltration and counter-surveillance of protected environments. We constantly ensure that our security guards are professional and disciplined at all times. Our guards are trained to be pro-active and equipped with the knowledge and training to act as soon as the threat is imminent.

Offsite Monitoring

We have a 24 hour manned Operations Centre which is linked to Law Enforcement and Medical Emergency Services. Our armed Tactical Team is ready to respond to any situation that our officers on site are unable to contain. We are furthermore part of the E2 project which integrates over 300 Security Companies, Law Enforcement, Medical Services but not limited to on a GSM and Telegram platform to assist each other in life threatening emergencies.

Community Projects

GI TACTICAL serves the community because we are part of the residence contributing positively to the community. 


 "What would you like to be remembered for"

School Projects 

GI TACTICAL is always striving to add value to the community by participating in youth development programs and always striving to find turnkey solutions in positive policing and security.


"They could do more, they could be more, if they believed  more"

Help a girl go to School

Sadly in most African Townships young girls skip school during their mensuration cycles.  Their families do not have enough money or the means to acquire sanitary pads causing these young girls to skip school due to the embarrassment which then deprives them of a good education.  GI Tactical has initiatives to distribute Sanitary pads to these girls in the Townships.